Maxim Zinchuk

Graphic & Exhibit Design


Armytek Сatalogue /2016/

The Armytek company is specializing in production of high quality flashlights for military, hunting, fishing, sport, tourism and every day purposes. The product catalogue for Armytek is featuring all last products which were produced by 2016. Was published as print and web version.

Jurgens packaging

The package for freeze-dried soluble coffee. The work included the design of the logo “Jurgens”.

Grape Villa packaging

Two sets of Grape Villa packages were designed for Eurotorg LLC, Belarus, featuring Muscat, Kadaraka and Monastyrskaya Vecherya red and white wines.

Docker’s packaging

The set of packages for 3 tastes of coated peanuts: barbecue, cheese and paprika.

KovkaPlus site

The redesign of the site for KovkaPlus (the division of PolagrisTrade company), an online shop of elements, products and everything that needs for forging.

WoT & WoWp T-Shirts

Another set of t-shirts for Wargaming. World of Tanks’ t-shirts showcase some quotes picked up at Russian chat of the game and made for Russian auditory. Here you can see one World of Warplanes’ t-shirt also.

T-Shirts of Wargaming Trilogy

T-shirts of Wargaming projects (World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, World of Warships) were designed at different time and for different purposes. Some of them were created for a collection, others – as promo materials for events and exhibitions.

Mouse and mousepad WoT

World of Tanks’ graphics for mouses and mousepads was designed for commercial and marketing purposes and to fill up the SteelSeries device collection of famous computer games…

Design support for February 23

February 23 is a Defender of the Fatherland Day in Belarus, Russia and several other countries. There was designed the virtual card for employees, partners, and clients of the company. The style was represented by the page on Facebook, on tickets and coupons for the holiday event.

Mugs with national Slavic patterns

This is only one set of numerous souvenir products that were selling during a New Year party of company in Minsk. A Slavic theme of the party was chosen not occasionally. Three company’s main offices are located in big Slavic cities: Minsk, Kiev and Saint Petersburg. There were used three different patterns: vytynanka for...

Design support for WoT 8.2

There are a bag and a hand fan with original image, souvenirs for an event devoted to WoT update 8.2. In this update Chinese tanks were added into the game.