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Jurgens packaging

The package for freeze-dried soluble coffee. The work included the design of the logo “Jurgens”.

Docker’s packaging

The set of packages for 3 tastes of coated peanuts: barbecue, cheese and paprika.

Boxed edition of “World of Tanks”

DVD boxed set was designed for the game client “World of Tanks”. It includes a disc label, a case inlay, a guide and bonus cards.

Sea salt boxes

Box for a premium CD “Road Laws – 2009”

Package design for a premium-class disk “Road Laws – 2009″ for the “Electronic school”.

Box for a CD “Road Laws – 2009”

Package design for a CD “Road Laws – 2009″ for the “Electronic school”.

Jar labels for spices

Packages for a salt production

BGPB annual report jacket

A jacket and a CD with an Annual Report of Belgazprombank for 2005.

CD case for Belarusian Railway

Case design of a CD presentation for Belarusian railway.